Train without the shackles of location, experience or equipment.

No gym, no equipment, no experience, no problem.
Can I really start with zero equipment?
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No equipment, no problem! 

People are under the misconception that you have to train a certain way, or it has to be in a gym environment to get that perfect body.

 The personal trainers and instructors we list are highly skilled and extremely knowledgable. They offer fitness options that allow you to achieve the same results gained in the gym or fitness studio, right from your own home, and without any equipment at all! 


Manipulating only the weight of your body, achieve high fitness levels, tone sculpt and even build! Through time under tension, fatiguing the muscle, manipulating angles and intensity levels and much more, our trainers can deliver programs that get you the results you want using no equipment at all.
What if I have no experience at all in fitness? Where do I start?
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It’s a blank Canvas. Create your masterpiece. 

Whether you're starting completely from scratch, with no fitness experience at all, maybe you've done a little light exercise, it matters not. Our expert trainers are on hand to guide you, and supply the knowledge and expertise, to achieve high fitness levels starting at stage in fitness. 

The hardest part is getting started.

Our knowledgable trainers can quickly determine where you are in terms of fitness levels. They’ll deliver workout programs and exercises that match your specific starting point, as well as targets set out with them. 

Your 121 personal trainer will guide you through your fitness program every step of the way, making sure you're confident with every workout and exercise. With scheduled regular check ins, your trainer can closely monitor your progress and results, allowing them to get the very most out of your training program.

 No matter what your fitness levels or starting point, regardless how unsure you when starting, we’ll get your confidence and momentum up, and deliver the results you've been looking for.
Can I really get the same results as I would at the gym?
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Knowledge is key.

With the right guidance and expertise, you absolutely can achieve that amazing physique, or optimal fitness levels, from your own home and with little no equipment needed. Our trainers have been taught to do exactly that.

What type of training can I do without a gym?

Using a combination of explosive bodyweight movements, time under tension in static or slower movements, endurance training, floor work, and much much more, your trainer has the knowledge to get you those amazing results regardless of your environment or access to a gym.  

Train Anywhere.

Whether you want to train in or outside of the gym, our trainers can supply you with the optimal fitness program to get you the best results with the equipment, or lack of it, you have available.

Our listed trainers are highly qualified to develop programs for any fitness target you set yourself, in any sort of circumstances. They can ensure your new workout plan is exciting, challenging and specifically matched  with your chosen fitness targets. 


Before gyms and equipment were around, people managed to stay in great shape. You don't need fancy equipment or a gym if you choose not to, or maybe they make you feel uncomfortable using them.

Whether your just starting off and on a budget, or want to get going now with nothing but you, our trainers are on hand to guide you to optimal fitness levels.


Some of the best physiques and fittest people around get there with no gym or euipment in sight.

Our trainers have extensive knowledge in body-weight training programs. They can design body-weight workouts that’ll push you to your limits by manipulating only the weight of your body.


To discuss your options for getting started, possible training programs available, or just want to know where to start, contact HFW for a free fitness evaluation. 

We'll guide you through your options. Discuss how you can get started today with nothing but you.
 Fitness is the freedom to train anywhere. :)
At HFW we strongly believe in the potential and ability to train without boundaries and limitations. The gym is a great place to get fit, but, it shouldn't stop there. If you have a small space in your home, or even outdoor space, get your kit on, and get after it! Don't be bound by the confines of the gym!

Let our trainers set you FREE!!

Our trainers really can show you how to train under any conditions. Don't let external circumstances limit your fitness potential. Whether you're unsure where to start, or stopped your training through boredom. Our trainers have the knowledge to keep your workouts fresh and exciting! We'll show you how to train under any circumstances, starting at any fitness level, with little to no equipment, indoor or outdoor space. Simply a willingness to train is all you need..
It's your fitness, and your body, so why not train on your terms. We have the best trainers in the UK to show you how.
Let the experts guide you, on how to optimise your training, in or out the gym. With nothing more than an internet connection and eagerness to get started, . HFW can hook you up with your perfect fitness combination to help you get back on track and feeling great again! 

Start today with nothing, but you! We'll give you back your energy and passion for fittness!
Online training just got exciting!
Train without
Train with an open mind and eagerness to succeed.
At HFW we believe you train your mind to train your body. Once you've conquered your mind training become instinctive. You train with a sense of freedom and purpose. From a what seemed a chore or task, suddenly, becomes intrinsic. Fulfilling even. A lifestyle choice. 

The right to enjoy your fitness training.

We'd like to set people free from the notion of set training styles and routines to accomplish a certain level of fitness. What works for you one person may not necessarily work for you, and, that's ok. The trainers we offer will encourage you to find training methods you can connect with, that instil a sense of confidence and accomplishment in what you're doing.
Train starting today, no matter what your circumstances.
We've now given you access to all the best trainers around the UK, to encourage, teach and enhance every training level and style imaginable. 

Train hard, but with a positive open mind! Enjoy it, and the results will come naturally.
Location no longer matters!
HFW + The power of the internet.
Now you can access the best trainers anywhere in the UK, and HFW just made it a whole lot easier!
With technology improving so much nowadays you now have the ability to draw upon the services from the UK's elite trainers. All from the comfort of your own home! 

HFW has hooked you up!

HFW provides you with a service, that allows you to independently browse, compare and find that perfect fitness combination that works for you. See a trainer in London you know will get you to your fitness targets, however you're up in the far reaches of the highlands? No longer are you confined to the limitations of location. Get browsing and reach out to the one you know will unlock that fitness potential in you. 
Start where you stand.
Whether you've highly experienced in every area of fitness training, or, you're just starting to think about beginning your journey, we have a wide variety of trainers to suit your training needs.

HFW allows you to compare trainers in minutes.

 Our service is designed to bring the best personal trainers from around the UK together. To give you the widest variety of expertise and knowledge, allowing you to be introduced to a fitness trainer that can bring out the very best in your fitness potential.

Trainers to cover any area of fitness.

Whether it's overall fitness, group classes or 1:1, whether you want to rapidly increase your strength, or whether you just want to feel great again, our choice in trainers can help you smash any fitness targets you set for yourself. Even if don't know where to start right now, that's ok. Our trainers will introduce to you a variety of fitness training, help you map out a challenging, yet realistic training plans to get you started.
Highly skilled trainers allow you to train with no gym or equipment.
No gym or training equipment at all means start your fitness journey with nothing but you. An open mind and eagerness to train and improve is all you need. We have trainers highly skilled in fitness area, trained to provide workout programs designed using nothing but body-weight, high energy and intensity.
If your worried about getting started due to lack of equipment or gym facilities, put that notion away. It all begins with a positive frame of mind, and a willingness to train hard, a determination to succeed. If you haven't got that motivation quite yet, we have expert trainers who can fire you up for each and every workout!

No excuses!

HFW has provided a service that allows you access to all the best trainers in the UK. So if you're concerned, or delaying due to lack of equipment, don't be. With the diverse range of trainers on offer, we can get you started today!
No longer matters.
Browse all our great trainers from all over the UK.
Services, prices & latest offers.
Client results through testimonials and client transformation galleries.
Qualification, expertise & experience.
Watch their latest training videos + full gallery.
HFW have covered it all.
We bring you convenience at affordable prices, all you need to do, is train!