Train without the shackles of location, experience or equipment.

No gym, no equipment, no experience, no problem.
Can I really start with no equipment and without a gym? 
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It's a myth.
No Equipment? No problem.People are under the false pretense you have to train a certain way to get fit or achieve that perfect physique. It's a myth. There are many ways to train to achieve high fitness levels. Our trainers will allow you to train through a variety of different methods.

Manipulating only the use of body, through time under tension, angles and intensity,  our trainers can create programs that not only gets you into the best shape you've ever been in, but also allows you to tone and sculpt your physique. With little to no equipment, our trainers have the expertise and knowledge to allow you to achieve the same great levels of fitness you would expect from a fully kitted out gym or fitness classes. 

Not only that, by using only body as weight, this allows you to engage your core, which means you receive an all over body workout with increased results. Sometimes the basics are the most effective! 

Trust in the experts.
Our expert trainers can incorporate aerobic and anaerobic exercise through functional fitness techniques. This also allows for toning, sculpting and building muscle. 

All in all, there really is no need for equipment to get started today with achieving fitness levels or the physique of your dreams.
What if I have no experience at all in fitness? Where do I start?
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Blank Canvas.
Whether you're starting completely from scratch with no fitness experience at all, whether you have done a little exercise or light training, it matters not. Our expert trainers are on hand to guide you and give you the knowledge to achieve high fitness standards. Not only that, but to supply you with the tools to carry these amazing training techniques forward and use them to continue a healthier, more energetic fitter lifestyle for the future.

Any fitness level.
Our trainers are so knowledgeable and experienced they can pinpoint where you are in terms of programs and exercises you are ready for and how hard they can push you to achieve those results. Their knowledge combined with our rigorous initial fitness valuation and constant monitoring of results and progress through your own app and regular check ins, mean no matter what your fitness levels or starting point, we'll deliver the results you have been striving for, for so long.
Can I really get the same results as I would at the gym?
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Do you need the gym to obtain high fitness levels?
Another Myth, you have to train in a gym to get fit or achieve that amazing body. Nonsense. Our trainers have enough knowledge and experience to develop programs for any fitness goal you have in mind. Your trainer will make sure your new plan is exciting, challenging and exactly what you need depending on your fitness targets you initially outlined with your trainer at the beginning.

Train anywhere!
Whether you want to train outside or in the home, our trainers will develop a plan that will suit your training preferences and lifestyle. We need to keep you interested and results high so you can see the amazing progress your making to carry you through any doubts or plateaus you may experience during the course of the whole workout plan.

Results no matter what!
Using only body-weight, minimal equipment, or whether you have a fantastic home gym set up, it matters not, our trainers are on hand to develop your perfect training plan to achieve the very highest results possible.


Before gyms and equipment were around people managed to stay in great shape. You don't need fancy equipment or a gym if you don't want to or feel comfortable using them.


Our trainers have extensive knowledge in body-weight training programs. They can design body-weight workouts that’ll push you to your limits by manipulating only the weight of your body.


Whether you have no or little fitness equipment matters not. Through their vast amount of experience and knowledge our trainers, using a combination of body-weight exercises and intensity, will get you in the best shape of your life.
 Train anywhere. :)
At HFW we strongly believe in the potential and ability to train without boundaries and limitations. The gym is a great place to get fit, but, it shouldn't stop there. If you have a small space in your home, or even outdoor space, get your kit on, and get after it! Don't be bound by the confines of the gym!

Let our trainers set you FREE!!

Our trainers really can show you how to train in any conditions. Don't let external circumstances limit your fitness potential. Whether your unsure where to start, or stopped your training through boredom, or maybe it's a limited knowledge to keep your workouts fresh and exciting. Our trainers can change all of that! We'll show you how to train under any circumstances, starting at any fitness level, with little to no equipment. Indoor or outdoor space and a willingness to train is all you need..
It's your fitness, and your body, so why not train on your terms. We have the best trainers in the UK to show you how.
Let the experts guide you, on how to optimise your training, in or out the gym. With nothing more than an internet connection and the right trainer for. HFW can help you get back on track! 

Start today with nothing, but you! We'll give you back your energy and passion for fittness!
Online training just got exciting!
Train without
Train with an open mind and eagerness to succeed.
At HFW we're strong advocates of the notion, train your mind to train your body. Once you've conquered your mind, we believe training become arbitrary. You train with a sense of freedom and purpose. It no longer becomes a chore or task. It translates into something natural. It becomes intrinsic, automated, an extremely beneficial and now healthy part of your overall lifestyle.

The right to enjoy your fitness training.

We would like to set people free from the notion of set training styles and routines to accomplish certain fitness levels. What works for you one person may not necessarily work for you, and that's ok. The trainers we offer will encourage you to find training methods you can connect with, that instil a sense of confidence and accomplishment in what your doing.
Train starting today, no matter what your circumstances.
We've now given you access to all the best trainers around the UK, to encourage, teach and enhance every training level and style imaginable. Train hard, but with a positive open mind! Enjoy it, and the results will come naturally.
Location no longer matters!
HFW + The power of the internet.
Now you can access the best trainers anywhere in the UK, and HFW just made a whole lot easier!
With the power of the internet, and technology improving so much, you now have the ability to drawn upon the services, from the UK's elite trainers. All from the comfort of your own home! 

HFW has hooked you up!

 HFW has hooked you up with a service that how quickly and easily allows you to pick the perfect trainer for all your fitness needs. See a trainer in London up in the far reaches of the highlands, no longer are you confined to a set of trainers in your area. Reach out and get browsing and find the trainer to fire you up and bring out that fitness potential you knew has been lying dormant!
Access to online trainers all over the UK.
Whether you've highly experienced in every area of fitness training, or, you're just starting to think about beginning your journey, we have a wide variety of trainers to suit your training needs.

HFW allows you to compare trainers in minutes.

 Our service is designed to bring the best personal trainers from around the UK together. To give you the widest variety of expertise and knowledge, allowing you to be introduced to a fitness trainer that can bring out the very best in your fitness potential.

Trainers to cover any area of fitness.

Whether it's overall fitness, group classes or 1:1, whether you want to rapidly increase your strength, or whether you just want to feel great again, our choice in trainers can help you smash any fitness targets you set for yourself. If you don't even know where to start with targets, that's ok. Our trainers will help you map out a challenging, yet realistic plan to get you started.
Highly skilled trainers allow you to train with no gym or equipment.
No gym or training equipment at all means nothing. Start with nothing but an open mind and eagerness to train and improve. We have trainers highly skilled, enough to design training programs around nothing but body-weight, high energy and intensity.
If your worried about getting started due to lack of equipment or gym facilities, put that notion away. It all begins with a positive frame of mind, and a willingness to train hard, a determination to succeed. If you haven't even got that, we have expert trainers who can fire you up for each and every session!

No excuses!

HFW has provided a service that allows you access to all the best trainers in the UK. So if you're concerned, or delaying, due to lack of equipment, don't be. With the diverse range of trainers on offer, we can get you started today!
No longer matters.
Browse all our great trainers from all over the UK.
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Client results through testimonials and client transformation galleries.
Qualification, expertise & experience.
Watch their latest training videos + full gallery.
HFW have covered it all.
We bring you convenience at affordable prices, all you need to do, is train!