Train on your terms.


No equipment, no gym, no experience, no problem.

Don't underestimate the effectiveness of bodyweight training.

Before gyms and equipment were around people managed to stay in great shape. You don't need fancy equipment or a gym if you don't want to or feel comfortable using them. 

Our trainers have extensive knowledge in body-weight training programs. They can design bodyweight workouts that’ll push you to your limits by manipulating only the weight of your body.

Whether you have no or little fitness equipment matters not. Through their vast amount of experience and knowledge our trainers, using a combination of bodyweight exercises and intensity, will get you in the best shape of your life.
Train in the comfort of your own home.
Learn new bodyweight workouts.
We'll get creative with your workouts and make them exciting and energized. 
Transform your body with equipment free exercises.

Train on your terms.


Our expert trainers can design training programs with nothing at all and still achieve the results you could only dream of. 

Come and see how....

No Equipment? No problem.

People are under the false pretense you have to train a certain way to get fit or achieve that perfect physique. It's a myth. There are many ways to train to achieve high fitness levels. 

Manipulating only your bodyweight, through time under tension, angles and intensity levels you can achieve the same fantastic results. Not only that, by using your body as weight you engage your core which means you receive an all over body workout. 

Our expert trainers can incorporate aerobic exercise through functional fitness techniques, which can also be used for toning, sculpting and building muscle if that's what your aim is.

All in all, there really is no need for equipment to get started today with achieving fitness levels or the physique of your dreams.

No Fitness Experience? No problem.

Whether you're starting completely from scratch with no fitness experience at all, whether you have done a little exercise or light training, it matters not. Our expert trainers are on hand to guide you and give you the knowledge to achieve high fitness standards. Not only that, but to supply you with the tools to carry these amazing training techniques forward and use them to continue a healthier, more energetic fitter lifestyle for the future.

Our trainers are so knowledgeable and experienced they can pinpoint where you are in terms of programs and exercises you are ready for and how hard they can push you to achieve those results. Their knowledge combined with our rigorous initial fitness valuation and constant monitoring of results and progress through your own app and regular check ins, mean no matter what your fitness levels or starting point, we'll deliver the results you have been striving for, for so long.

No Gym? No Problem.

Another Myth, you have to train in a gym to get fit or achieve that amazing body. Nonsense. Our trainers have enough knowledge and experience to develop programs for any fitness goal you have in mind. Your trainer will make sure your new plan is exciting, challenging and exactly what you need depending on your fitness targets you initially outlined with your trainer at the beginning.Whether you want to train outside or in the home, our trainers will develop a plan that will suit your training preferences and lifestyle. 
We need to keep you interested and results high so you can see the amazing progress your making to carry you through any doubts or plateaus you may experience during the course of the whole workout plan.Using only bodyweight, minimal equipment, or whether you have a fantastic home gym set up, it matters not, our trainers are on hand to develop your perfect training plan to achieve the very highest results possible.