For Personal Trainers Serious About Fitness.
What we do?
Let us do the legwork.
Connecting clients with online personal trainers all over the UK.
Regular marketing campaigns and continued online presence to help drive customers.
One place for clients to search for their perfect personal trainer or fitness service.
Creating an online presence for personal trainers; including your own fully customisable profile page.
What can HFW do for you and your business?
Train your clients anywhere.
As long as you have an internet connection, you are able to train your clients from anywhere in the world! Let that sink in. :)
More clients = Greater income!
You can train your clients much more efficiently online. This allows you to take on more, and this means a much greater earning potential, in less time.
Better work life balance.
No more long hours in the gym. Train on your terms! By allowing yourself the choice of selecting the times you're available for your clients. And because everything is done online you can free up a lot more time, allowing you to create that perfect flexible lifestyle!
No more headache of finding clients.
We do all the legwork for you when it comes to finding new online clients. All that's left for you to do, is train!
Getting you all signed up.
It takes minutes to get you all started and ready to go!
The whole process is quick and easy. You'll be prompted regularly with a form to complete, alternatively tap the sign up tab at the bottom right, or link at the bottom of the page.

All you need is the following to get you set up:
Confirmation you're a qualified Personal Trainer
A list and prices of all the fitness services you offer
Training videos or images that would help you gain clients (not essential)
Quick & Easy!
Once we set up your own fully customisable profile, we'll send you the link and find out if you're happy. Your profile will be fully visible to all our clients and will have access to business straight away.
· Boost your client base.
· Streamline your workflow.
· Create better work life balance.
Increased earning potential.
Exposure to clients daily.
Increased online presence
Client insight into all your services
Marketing taken care of.
Ongoing marketing campaigns to drive traffic.
Online business directed from our online store.
Links to your social media, all your information at a glance for customers to view.
Unique Personal Fitness Profile.
Showcase your skills and credentials to clients through your own personal web page.
Display training videos and images to enhance your online presence.
Show client testimonials, career background, training techniques, and much much more.
See our example profile to explore your full online potential.
Flexibility, freedom & Balance.
Supplement your existing income, or replace it completely.
A more balanced and flexible lifestyle, allowing a more efficient way to train more clients, in less time.
HFW bring clients to you. So you have more time to spend doing what you do best.
Your unique personal training profile.
Take a look and see how your very own fantastic personal training profile will look to your new clients.
Separate yourself from other trainers, through credentials, images and videos.
Show clients your personality through ethos and training approach.
Clients can book your services at the touch of a button.
Your profile at a glance.
Clients don't even have to leave the page! 
They can access all your essential information to make they all important informed choice.
Ethos/Fitness Approach
"I'll push you as hard as you can go but you will see the results and learn to love me for it. My training method is pushing people past the point they 'think' they can. 
Group Classes
1:1 Online Training
Group Sessions
Single Class
Block of 5
Block of 10
Block of 15
Block of 20
1:1 Online Personal Training
Block of 3
Block of 5
Block of 10
Block of 15
Personal Training
Group Spin
Strength Training
Kettlebell Training
Further Options
Follow me on SM
Online presence like never before.
Click your profile photo, or simply swipe, to access your gallery without leaving the page!
Tap your name to watch your favourite training video.
Instant booking for all your services with our book now option.
Your full price list and services offered, for clients to view without leaving the page!
Links to your full profile, as well as one click away from all your social media accounts!

Stunning potential.

With your own full profile page, potential and possibilities are endless.

Watch how we utilise every possible space, to show clients just how effective, your training can be. You transform lives. We give you the power to show how!
Our goal is to allow clients a simpler way to find the personal trainers that are the right fit for their own unique fitness needs. To help them find an online trainer or fitness service quickly and easily by comparing all the best services and trainers the UK has to offer.
Life as a Personal Trainer
We know as a trainer time is valuable. That's why we've created a service that brings clients to you. No more marketing, website design, hoping for clients to find you. We drive traffic to your own unique web page and profile, allowing you more time. Meaning a better lifestyle through fitness training, as well as freeing up your time to do what you do best. 
Prapare. Overcome. Conquer. Dominate.
How it all works.
HFW's comparison service, is an exciting opportunity that now allows clients and trainers to find each other quicker and easier than ever. It allows your potential clients to view all your information in minutes, allowing them to make an informed choice effortlessly.

They can access all your skills/credentials/ attributes/experience. View your full pricing list, latest offers, class timetables, current training videos, client testimonials, and much much more.

Online training has never been so accessible.

Offering a one-stop-shop for all your clients fitness needs.

Make a statement.
We'll design and customise your very own web page to help you stand out from the crowd. 
Set up stunning images and videos for clients to see just how effective your training can be.
Stand up and be recognised.
You offer something unique to clients. Why not show them.
Stunning Training Gallery
Showcase your skills and training techniques. 

Through your own eye catching training gallery. Let your clients preview your training styles and approach to fitness through images and videos.
Stand out from the crowd.
Distinguish yourself from the rest.

 Through your ethos, career background and approach to fitness, as well as listing your latest training techniques, you'll be able to set yourself apart from the rest.
At a Glance.
All your available services at a glance.

Your online fitness classes, timetables, training options, prices, latest offers and packages. All instantly available to your clients.
Proof is in your results.
Prove your training works.

List clients testimonials complete with their transformation snaps. Show just how effective your training can be. Show your clients all your success stories.
Credentials to match.
Confidence when booking.

Qualifications, experience, expertise, training techniques and much more. Give your clients that peace of mind when booking. 
Social proof.
Show, don't tell.

Let your clients follow you on social media with instant links available from your unique web page. A simple tap and they’re connected with you.
Create an online presence that turns into clients, with HFW.
All your vital information available at your clients fingertips.


The infomration clients need to see most to make an informed choice, displayed clearly.

Areas of expertise


We Want your clients to get a feel for you as person. This translates into your training style, how you approach fitness, does your personality and training style bring out the best in that particular client. 

It's the little things that make a big difference.

We ask small details like a quote that inspires you, to, your brand ethos and introduction. We develop your own gallery; inc training videos images and client results. All to show your clients just how effective your training can be, and everything you have to offer them on top of your training and results.

We'll help you develop a profile page that represents everything you and your brand stands for, help set you apart from the rest and demonstrate fully everything you have to offer them.


Show your clients how you can fit into their busy lifestyles.

Your potential clients can view all your services at a glance, as well as, availability, pricing & offers, class timetables and much more.

Your clients will instantly see how your services and training can fit perfectly into their own unique circumstances.

Your Training's changes lives.
Show them.

Let your clients see just how effective your training can be.

Show your clients your training methods, and proven techniques you've adapted and learned through your own experience. Let them see how your fitness training gets results!

All your clients testimonials, improvements, transformations and results, available for your future clients to see.


Your clients will be able to instantly connect at the tap of a button. With all your social media links just a click away!

Make yourself MORE accessible.

Your clients will have the option to book instantly with you at HFW. This allows them to select your services seamlessly, creating a faster and more enjoyable fitness experience from the start.


Create your very own business and personal training gallery, full of training videos, images, of your latest training techniques, client results and transformations.

The possibilities are endless.This is your opportunity to set yourself apart from the rest.
No monthly fees.
Free web page complete with your own company logo to use externally.
Rolling 30 day free trial until we get you business.
We won't charge you a single penny until we get you a client. Our services won't cost you a dime until we get you business!

That's how confident we are that we can introduce you to new business. 
Use your profile link, complete with your own company/business logo for business directly with HFW as well as your own personal page.
No monthly charges for marketing, introducing business, or your fully customised web page.
All we take is a 5% commission only once business has been introduced.
Experience a 30 day rolling free trial introductory offer.
Your 30 day free trial will continually be extended until we find you your first client!
That means you don't pay a single penny, until after the 30 day period or until we get you your first client!


How does it work?

Compare the best.

Clients get the opportunity to browse all the best personal trainers and fitness services up and down the UK, effortlessly.

Browse fitness categories, or browse by group class.

Clients will then be able to compare and browse through their chosen fitness category, or preferred fitness class.

All your details at a glance.

Your potential clients have the opportunity to view all your services, approach to fitness, prices and services, and so much more.

They're good to go!

Once they've selected your services they have the option to book them instantly from our website. Allowing clients to access your services more easily.
The whole process allows clients to find a fitness service and personal trainer thats right for them. It gives you access to hundreds of clients on a daily basis, without lifting a finger.
We want the best PT's in the UK, to help us make a difference to the UK's fitness levels.
We're looking for the best PT's in the UK, to offer a premium service to people. To join our growing online training presence, to be part of a fitness brand that is passionate about health and wellbeing. We're looking for trainers to help share this affinity with people all over the UK, to make a real, and lasting change.

We know how vitally crucial a role fitness plays in changing and improving lives. Not just short time, however, we're looking to implement long-term, lifetime changes with people. 
Have you got what we're looking for?
We're looking for PT's who've adopted their own individual training styles. Through tried and tested training regimes, through their own blood sweat and tears, personal workout experience. Who can pass this knowledge on to clients to change lives through fitness.

Impact lives

We need trainers like you to make a real impact on fitness in the UK. We're looking to build foundations for people, to set up healthier lifestyles, both in the gym and through positive healthy daily habits. Including, nutrition, healthier daily choices. We want trainers like you to help teach people.  We hope to implement lasting changes in peoples lives through the power of fitness.
Increase or replace your earnings with minimal time and effort.
The business model we've created allows us to help not only clients, but Personal Trainers up and down the country. 
Whether you're just starting out in the fitness world, or maybe don't know where to start to grow your online presence and customer reach, even if already have a well established successful online personal training business, we can help.
Gain clients without lifting a finger.
Even if you're not in work at the moment or at the very start of your fitness career, as long as you're a fully qualified PT, we can help you gain clients and grow your business. We offer you access to clients looking for personal trainers and fitness services from all over the UK. 

Whatever stage you're at in your fitness career, HFW can help increase, start, or even replace your existing income.
Create flexibility & better work life balance.
We allow you to continue working your full or part time position in the gym, or continue with your existing business model. We do this by supplementing your existing income with the opportunity to train clients online, in your spare time or to help you reduce the amount of hours you need to work in the gym.
We bring clients to you.
Our platform and online presence allows clients to be easily matched matched up with the very best personal trainers such as yourself. We introduce the business and match you up with clients through marketing campaigns and online traffic through our fitness store.

A dedicated fitness brand.
At HFW we love fitness. Truly. We feel passionate and excitement when we know the potential behind changing peoples lives through fitness.

We're dedicated to providing our clients with the best possible fitness experience from start to finish. We want the process to be as accessible as possible. From picking their perfect trainer for they're desired fitness goals, to delivering their tailored fitness plan, clearly and concisely.
We're looking for trainers with....


We want to work with trainers who are genuinely passionate about fitness, and just as importantly, about using that passion to influence and change peoples lives.


At HFW we want to promote a friendly approachable stance on fitness. We want both our clients to feel completely comfortable in asking questions and being sure about every step of the process.

Knowledge & Expertise

We want you to share your training styles and what has worked for you through training clients, and your own personal training experiences. We would like you transfer that knowledge and experience onto your clients. Show them just how much of a reward awaits them on the other side through your own intense training styles you've adopted.
For any questions or to discuss further with a member of our team, contact us below or just tap the chat now feature and we'll be more than happy to help.