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Ethos/Fitness Approach
"I'll push you as hard as you can go but you will see the results and learn to love me for it. My training method is pushing people past the point they 'think' they can. 
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To watch their latest training video
Simply click on your trainers name. Their latest training video will appear.

Don't forget, if you want to access their full gallery, full of videos and latest images, just click on the 'Full Profile' button at the end of the profile.
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Note from CEO & Founder

"Life begins outside your comfort zone" 
Neale Donald Walsch.
Our hope is to have provided you with a fantastic opportunity by simplifying and introducing you to the possibilities of online fitness training. A service which allows you to make a more accurate decision when making your choice. Our enables you to compare quickly and easily, from one single place. A selection of all the great fitness services the UK has to offer. 

After using our comparison service we hope you have a much firmer understanding of the service that suits your own unique personal needs. It's an important decision to make, and can be the difference between enjoyment in fitness or not, success, or failure.

As a company we're looking to make a real impact. To improve fitness levels all over the UK. To allow people a simpler and more understandable gateway into online fitness training. 

The result we hope, leading to a healthier lifestyle. One with long-term benefits and results. HFW have given you the ability to fully compare the very best personal trainers and fitness services up and down the UK, to access them no matter your location or lifestyle constraints. Our aim is to give you choice, allow you to make an accurate decision based on your findings. To find exactly the right fit for you, ultimately, to bring out the very best in your fitness potential. 

A healthier, happier, more energised you! Enjoy!!
Best wishes,
Gareth Ellison.
CEO & Founder of Home Fitness World.