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These plans are specifically designed for people looking to focus more on transforming their body shape. 

This could either be muscle building/hypertrophy, toning/sculpting including problem areas. Although your overall health and wellbeing will still accomplished, there will be a lot more emphasis on muscle growth/toning through forms of weight training using either bodyweight or weights, or both. 

These fitness plans will allow you to see drastic differences in body shape and muscle definition or growth.
These plans are primarily focused on increasing your fitness levels and leaving you feeling fantastic. Although your body shape will undoubtedly change due to either weight loss or toning through increased fitness, your health and wellbeing is at the forefront of these plans. 

Confidence will sky rocket as you notice increased energy levels, a healthier appearance, and feeling better than you ever have. 

This can be done through a number of methods of high intensity training, using functional fitness, kettlebells, bodyweight movements, some weight training and cardiovascular activities putting your body and mind to the test. The plans will be fine tuned and tailored around your lifestyle and training preferences.
For those wanting to increase your strength or power (strength and speed), look no further. These plans are built around exactly that. 

Whether it be gaining strength in every area or weak in certain areas or movements, we have the coaches and the know how to get your there. 

 People overlook strength training when it comes to overall fitness, not knowing we need this to form a more well rounded higher fitness level. 

So whether your training for a competition, or just want to improve your strength for that complete standard of fitness level, we have the perfect trainer ready to smash your PB's and fitness targets. 

 Ready smash your PB's?

Plans for every fitness goal and lifestyle.

Take a look at our fitness plan layout and see what plan works best for you. Don't forget these plans will be further tailored around your own unique fitness preferences and lifestyle choices.
What type of plan suits you?
Physique, Fitness & Strength all available.
These plans are designed specifically for people looking to achieve maximum results over a very short period. The plans have a high intensity level and a lot of back to back training with maximum intensity sessions. They are physically demanding and would be better suited for people with available rest time to cope with the high demand on the body and intense workouts over short periods. 

These are ideal for people who need to meet fitness targets or body transformations for a set date or time. These could be used for meeting weight loss, muscle building, physique sculpting objectives for special dates or occasions such as weddings, holidays, graduations etc. Also for those who want to kickstart their fitness targets with a bang and gain maximum momentum for their fitness journey! 

For maximum results over a short period these are your plans right here. We'll get you there! Your confidence will be soaring after the drastic results you see over these short periods. But be warned, these plans aren't for the faint hearted and require drastic lifestyle changes including, diet, back to back training and rest periods needed to recover. But the results you will see will amaze you!
Physique, Fitness & Strength all available.
For a more gradual approach to training whilst still being pushed to achieve high results and accomplish your fitness goals, these are the plans for you. 

We'll tailor your plans to achieve maximum results whilst considering your busy lifestyle and other obligations. You will still receive all the great benefits from our online training programs and won't compromise results in anyway. You will have access our initial online valuation as well as our 2 week food journal, you will have your tailored fitness plan designed around your fitness goals and training preferences. Have a look at our plan checklist for everything that's included. 

Week by week your plan will deliver considerable results in your fitness levels and physique, as well as fill you with knowledge of how to train for optimal results. Enjoy the transformation process from our expert trainers over a time chosen to suit you. 
Physique, Fitness & Strength all available.
For people who want amazing results, but would like that continual support, motivation and accountability, as well as letting our trainers continually fine tune your training plans, progress and incredible results, these are the plans for you. 

 Although we train you to self motivate and give you the tools to implement your new fitness levels long-term, we understand some people respond better to the continual encouragement and support from our expert trainers. Look no further! At massively discounted monthly rates have your trainer there for as long as you need them! Don't forget you can cancel your training plan whenever you like! Complete flexibility and freedom!

How does it work?

Again you will still receive all the great advantages from our online training programs, you will simply pay a monthly a fee depending on the program you have chosen. This can be kept going for as long as you need your trainer, stopped and started at any period.

Have a look at all the great option available under our monthly plans.

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