Let's take a look at how we started.....

Passion and enjoyment...

We’re passionate about fitness. Really passionate! We would love to share that with you.

We know how much pressure is put on people to do things a certain way, or order to allow them to keep fit. We get it. You must do this exercise, you must attend this class, you must train this many times a week.....you must, you must, you must!

Kinda takes the enjoyment away from fitness don't you think?

Your body, your rules!

This is why we created “Home Fitness World”. To allow people like you, to train on their terms! Wherever and whenever you want! Can’t make it to the gym? Don’t want to train at the gym? Or maybe you just like the best of both worlds?

 Whatever your preference we have you covered!

Equipment proven to work.

All the latest equipment chosen, and proven, to get results, FAST! We’ve carefully selected equipment that has a proven track record to get you the results you need, without making it to the gym.

Your right to choose.

Choice is a wonderous thing...

Don’t get us wrong, we love the gym environment! It’s a great place to train. It can be both a motivating and inspiring. However, it’s not essential to get the body or fitness level you’ve always wanted. 

So we formed our company around exactly this. Allowing people to ‘choose’ whether they want to train in or out of the gym, or even both.

No more pressure. 

Just enjoyment. :)

Take the pressure of yourself with you “must” attend this many times a week, or how will I ever make the time to go, kids to get looked after, still work to do, busy traffic. The list is endless! Life is chaotic, so carving out time isn’t always easy. 

This is where we come in.

We’ll help you ease the pressure, with sometimes what feels like a burden instead of enjoyment. 

Should fitness really be this way?

We have the solution.

Create your own fitness space.

Our solution, create your very own gym environment from home. Why not? All you need a small space and some basic equipment. Start enjoying your fitness again. Ease the pressure.


If you can’t make it, running late, traffic too heavy, kids can’t get looked after, running short on time, or you just plain do not feel like it. Guess what? That's ok. Your human.

But... why miss out? Consistency, or, lack of it, is one of the main contributing factors for people not reaching their desired fitness targets. Let us repeat that for you. Lack of consistency is one of the main contributing factors stopping people from reaching their fitness goals!

Never, miss another training day again!

Create your own workout space in the comfort of your own home, relax, and actually enjoy it! Then, when you have the time...

...set yourself up, and go for it!!

No complications. 
Keep it simple. 
The basics work.

Equipment proven to work.

With minimal equipment and ranges from dumbbells to resistance bands, yoga mats to candles to set the mood, we have your perfect gym set up covered, with minimal costs involved. 

From everyone, here at Home Fitness World...

 ...stay fit, healthy and happy! 

Remember, fitness begins with a state of mind! :)