Train without limitations.
Online personal fitness training. 
Unlock your fitness potential.

Take back control of your fitness training.

More flexibility, more variety, fitness tailored around your busy lifestyle, fitness apps for more convenience, and much much more. Get started today with nothing but an internet connection and willingness to train.
Whether you prefer training in the gym or at home, we can find a trainer and fitness plan that caters to exactly that. 

From high intensity classes done online, to bodyweight workout plans. You have a greater flexibility than ever to train the way want. 
Training online allows you to organise your training plan around your lifestyle. Classes and 1:1 sessions for any time of the day. 

Have a hectic work day? Family commitments? Whatever your busy lifestyle entails, work around it with complete flexibility. You choose the hours and days you want to train, right from your living room if that suits.

It's never been easier to plan your fitness around your busy lifestyle. 
Most trainers even have their own fitness app, so you can connect right from your phone.

 Organise your workouts on specific days, keep on track with your scheduled upcoming workouts, monitor your nutrition, keep an eye on your results over the weeks, gain trainer feedback right to your phone, access endless training videos and exercise tutorials. And now your trainer is only a click away for any questions, or that much needed motivation you're looking for.
Online training has never been more accessible. A simple internet connection and willingness to train, and you’re good to go. 

The flexibility that’s offered with online training allows you to take back control of your fitness. 

Minimal to no equipment needed, any fitness level, and now HFW allows you to compare and access an abundance of independent trainers and group classes to choose from.

How can online fitness work for me?

Online training is an exciting, and now considered, the most effective way to train. We'll take you through some of the benefits you get with your online trainer and all the great fitness services they offer.
Online fitness training has evolved.
Training through zoom or skype.
Done remotely.
Train in the gym or at home.
Equipment, or none at all.
Nutrition, progress and results made tangible.
Access your own fitness app.
More flexibility.
Access to your trainer when you want them.
 Same great level of service, quarter of the price.
Train on your terms.
Without limits.
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Choose from a range of different training options.

With more ways to train online than ever, pick the perfect workout style to allow you to get the most out of your fitness.
Online training has evolved.

Now with access to thousands of training videos and classes online, as well your own personalised app to keep track of your training, nutrition and progress, there really has never been a better time to train online. Be guided by one of our expert online fitness trainers, by your side, every step of the way.
Greater flexibility.

Same expert knowledge, guidance and support from your trainer, but without the time constraints. Train on your time. Complete flexibility, but with all the same benefits from face to face 121 Personal Training.
24/7 Contact with your trainer.

You're no longer limited to asking questions and trying to gain as much knowledge during that small 121 window you normally have with them. Now press a button and your in touch with your trainer. To keep you focused and on track. Any concerns or need to change things up, our trainer's will be right on hand to guide you.
Same level of service, 1/4 of the price.

All the great benefits you get from full on 1:1 coaching, without the high price tag! Because your training is all done remotely, you get all the amazing benefits from face to face 121 training, at a quarter of the price!
 LIVE Group Fitness Classes
Feel that gym buzz!
Log in live with your chosen instructor and be a part of the excitement and energy you get with group workouts! All of this from the comfort of your home!

Most trainers have amazing studios set up so you can interact and have the same group class buzz! Motivate and spur each other other on, elect to be visible to your class, or sit back and privately workout while feeling part of the group, the choice is yours. 
Quick Compare
Check to see if your trainer is available for group classes quickly and easily by using our intuitive search facility or our quick comparison table. And now, you can search all group sessions, or by your favourite fitness class and compare independent instructors in minutes!

Find the right fit for you.
1:1 Personal Training for that more hands on approach.
For those who need a little more structure, support and guidance, choose your perfect 121 online personal fitness trainer for some one on one support. 

Trainers will guide you through workouts and exercises, be on hand to motivate you and pull you through plateaus, monitor your progress, deliver meal plans, and much much more.
Look out for all the essential services you need from your trainer. Some allow you to have access to your own fitness apps offering immediate support and more tangible results, others are fully qualified to deliver meal plans.

Our quick compare feature allows you to effortlessly compare all the top trainers side by side,  in minutes.
What can I expect from online fitness training?
How can it work for me?
1:1 Personal Training
There are a few options when it comes to 121 online personal training. Trainers can link up live and take you through each workout on an individual bases, right from the comfort of your own home. For this choice of delivery your trainer will normally charge you by the session. There are normally several options on offer for booking workouts in blocks. We conveniently list all your trainers prices on their profiles so you know exactly how much you'll be paying out.

There's normally also an option for non-live training plans. This includes a detailed fitness plan being carried out after an initial fitness evaluation and chat with your trainer, discussing your current fitness levels, preferred training methods, and fitness targets set out for you. Your trainer will guide you through the plan to make sure you're confident with each exercise and the workout program that has been allocated to you.

Check-ins to track your results
Most trainers organise weekly or fortnightly check-ins. These can be done over the phone or live cam. They will run through your results and progress, as well as answer any questions you may have about your training. They will normally get feedback from you on how you feel your training is progressing and whether they need to make any adjustments to your workouts . 

Some trainers offer you a nutrition plan with their 121 service. Be sure to check their profile to find out if your trainer is qualified to offer this service. It's an important part of your training, and accounts for almost 80% of your results.
Group Classes
If you decide to go with group classes, normally trainers do these live through Zoom or Skype. It's very similar to doing group sessions in your gym, in that you see others in your class and feel that buzz and energy from working out next to one another.

Download classes or workouts.
Some trainers offer you the option to download or access their workout videos online, to upload as and when you decide to workout. This allows you do exactly the same workout privately. You also have the option to choose your workout times live or non-live. And with the added convenience of HFW's group classes timetable attached to every instructors profile, you can easily fit your fitness training around your busy lifestyle.

Monthly subscriptions, class by class basis, or block class options for discounted prices.
Again dependent to your trainer, there are several options to suit and tailor to your individual needs. Book class by class, or block discounted prices, as well as some trainers offering a set monthly fee. Some offer unlimited access for a nominal monthly or annual fee. We list all of this so you'll know exactly where you stand when it comes to prices.
With incredible results being achieved all over the world, directly through the benefits of online fitness, is it any wonder people are switching to online personal fitness training to smash those fitness targets!

HFW have given you the tools to make your decision quicker and easier than ever! Find the right fit to unleash your fitness potential!
Do something today that'll change your life.
Do something today that'll change your world.