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You're unique, so why isn't your fitness plan?

We understand we all have our own way of enjoying fitness. Training styles we prefer, areas of fitness we enjoy over others. That's why picking the right fitness plan and personal trainer to deliver your fitness, is vital. It allows you to get the very most from your full fitness potential.

HFW have made the whole process of finding that winning combination, easier and simpler than ever. Now you have the ability to compare all the top trainers and fitness services effortlessly.
You'll learn everything you need to know about your trainer, allowing you to make sure they're the right fit for you.
Find out instantly if your trainer has the necessary skill-set to get you the best possible results.
Expertise in each area
Wouldn't you like to know how your trainer approaches fitness, how they train themselves and their clients? We thought so too.
Full Training Gallery
Latest training techniques and workouts.
Watch them take group classes and train clients 121.
Get to know your trainer on a personal level. Find out if their values and training styles. Match a trainer to suit your personality.
Approach to training
Current training techniques
Improved coaching
Find out from the people they've trained and worked with, just how effective their training is...
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Make the right choice.

HFW gives you the tools to make an informed decision. When it comes to creating your perfect fitness setup, we have personal trainers and all the fitness services you need. All laid out in a simple and easy to understand format. You can browse through as many trainers or group classes as you like, all in done minutes.

Start enjoying your fitness, let HFW help you find the right fit that works for your individual training needs..
Peice of mind.
Book with confidence knowing your trainer has all the qualifications, skills and experience you need, to get the best possible results.
You'll learn exactly what areas your trainer is qualified in to give you complete piece of mind. To know you're in the best possible hands. To ensure you whatever area of fitness you're looking to conquer, you're trainer has the knowledge and expertise to get you there.
Find out the experience your trainer has in each specific area of fitness.

Fitness can cover and extensive range of categories. Depending on your specific fitness targets, you'll want to know if they have that tried and tested experience to get you to the level of fitness you need. 
Your trainer will more than likely have branched out from the main qualification of personal training. This covers most areas of fitness, which is great. What if you want something a little bit more niched down? Possibly to focus on building the physique of your dreams? Or maybe to become exceptional in functional fitness? Maybe you love working out with only kettlebells but want to get to the highest possible level?

Whatever your fitness targets, we have the trainers and fitness classes to get you there. We'll cover specific workout areas your trainer is highly skilled with, the latest skillset they have adopted, the skill level obtained in each area of fitness. All so you know, you're in the best possible hands. 
Watch & Learn How They Train.
Up to date training videos and galleries, preview group classes, watch how they train 1:1 clients. We have dedicated areas specifically designed to allow you to grasp a firm understanding of how your trainer approaches their training.
Your trainer has the option to upload preview group training sessions, or to show you sneak previews into how they train individual clients.

 Overall you'll gain an insight into how they approach fitness training, how they train themselves, how they keep in shape. 

You'll gain an understanding of whether your trainer has the potential to bring out the best in you.
We have a dedicated section for your potential trainer to showcase their knowledge and skills. Through video tutorials for specific exercises, or workouts you can see first hand how your live 1:1 sessions will be carried out. You'll find out just how effective their online training programs can be. 
View an array of stunning images, catching your trainer in full flow as they train!

 Whether it's training clients or taking a wide variety of group workout sessions, you'll get to experience each forced rep, every drop of sweat, as they battle through workouts and showcase their skills!

 Our dedicated galleries will let you see snap shots into the heart of how effective their workouts can be. 
Get to know your trainer on every level.
We go one step further to help you make that important decision when it comes to fitness. We'll introduce you to sections that allow you to find out your trainers ethos, approach to fitness training, career background, current training techniques, as well as how they constantly look to improve their skills.
Why not get a firm understanding on how they approach training from their own words.

Find out what training methods they prefer, how they approach training clients a certain way, do they have a particular form of training they enjoy? Do they like to put clients through their paces or do they prefer a more laid back approach?

 Gain  insight into whether their training approach aligns with your individual training values. Will they inspire and motivate you? Ultimately, will they bring out the very best in your fitness capabilities? 
We believe it’s important to get an understanding of their career. This includes how they found fitness, their interests, areas of training they feel passionate about, hobbies and lifestyle choices,  previous ventures that may offer a different dynamic to  fitness and training. 

Overall, a firm understanding of where they've been, so you know they will deliver a training opportunity that can unleash your fitness potential! 
This is where your trainer can showcase their current training and coaching skills.We have a dedicated section that focuses solely on  your trainers improvements in skillset. Including, latest techniques, courses, and exercises learned.

 This will lead to a significant improvement in you own personal results. It can determine what you get back from every training session.
Choose with complete confidence.
We really have covered it all. We've created a fantastic opportunity that allows you to choose accurately, and confidently. To select a personal trainer and fitness service that aligns with you.
Know your trainer has the skills and expertise to get you the results.

Video and image galleries, video tutorials, services offered and much more.

Ethos, approach to training, career background, training techniques, it's all there.