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Browse and compare the UK's finest! In minutes!

No more guesswork or disappointment!

Simply log on to Home Fitness World to browse the best Personal Trainers the UK has to offer!

Compare essential information on your trainer, from experience, background, expertise, services and plans offered, prices, availability, training style, ethos. See all their latest training videos, view their clients progress and results. All at the touch of button! 

No more guessing and disappointment with the your choice. Make an informed decision in minutes! Find your ultimate trainer  and really amp up your training, and RESULTS!

Pick your perfect training package or tailor your own. You choose.

Our training packages are outlined clearly from the start.

Complete transparency. No more hidden costs or unwanted surprises anymore. 

Everything is all laid out clearly and concisely for you to make your choice in trainer, and type of training package that is best suited to you. Costs, services, availability, training packages in detail, you name it we have it covered! 

As well as in depth knowledge and background about your trainer, all training packages are clearly explained. We break down each package, in terms of exactly what is included with each plan, who they are suited for, as well as benefits from one plan over another. So you will be clearly advised on each package and know exactly the right fit for your own unique fitness goals, training styles and results. Not only that each package can be further tailored and fine tuned to fit exactly around you and your lifestyle. 

We love choice. So you decide how you make your purchase.

It's an important choice when it comes to health and wellbeing, so why rush?

We understand this is a potentially life changing decision. You want to feel completely confident in your choice of trainer. Many factors need to be taken into consideration. We also understand everyone is unique. What might work for one person might not work at all for another.

This is why we like options and choice. Why we give you our customer, many options in how you want to book. 

Simply click on book now, and we do the rest, or contact your trainer directly with fully disclosed contact details on site for you. Either contact them by email, call or leave a message direct with HFW and we'll arrange for the trainer to get in touch. See how you feel after you chat with them. No pressure and no obligation to book. 

Book direct. 
No fuss.

Like you would any other online purchase, click a button and we'll do the rest!

No more waiting around for the right trainer to get in touch! Compare all the UK's best trainers in minutes, once chosen, simply book now with our direct booking system! We do the rest! Sit back and look forward to your life changing! It's that simple! 

Your trainer will be in touch to walk you through everything step by step. 

When you book through Home Fitness World, we will oversee the whole process from start to finish, check in from time to time to make sure you're completely happy with your training and results. Not only that, you will automatically receive your 10% discount off any training package you have selected, and, 10% off any equipment, accessories or clothing in store!

So what are you waiting for? Book now and start making those life changing choices!
Still unsure?

If you have any questions or concerns, that's ok., we expect this. You can always get in touch with us here at Home Fitness World, we'll guide you through the whole process. From training packages suited to you, to how one of our online trainers can work for you so you can get the most out of your training. Even visit your trainer's website directly to see even more before you make that all important life changing decision. We don't want you to rush this. It's important to you and us that we find the perfect  trainer for you.

Don't forget booking through Home Fitness World will activate your 10% off any package or session discount and also give you 10% off our full range of equipment.

So why use Personal Trainer Hub to find your perfect trainer?

Would you buy a house or a car without comparing?

Then why not use a reputable brand to allow you to compare someone your trusting with your health, wellbeing & fitness??

We thought so too. ;)

Come and take a look at some of the benefits....

Book through HFW for a seamless and hassle free fitness experience. 

just some of the great benefits...

Compare all the best trainer's up and down the UK in minutes...

 We have grouped together all the best trainer's from the UK and wrapped them in one neat little package. So you get to choose your ultimite training partner quickly and easily.

Find your perfect fit.

No more guesswork! Make an informed choice after viewing the best trainers by key attributes and credentials, all at a glance.

Fully customised profiles.

View up to date training videos, images, full profile page, clients progress, testimonials, training styles, all at the touch of a button. See how your trainer really works.

Instant booking system or direct access, you choose!

Instantly book your first session or the package you like from directly through us. If you can't choose, no problem!  Contact your trainer direct, it's your choice!

How about a little more...

can you afford not too...

No hidden charges or costs.

We list all our trainers prices and packages upfront! Complete transparency. No more hidden costs or surprise charges anymore!

Flexibility and packages tailored around you.

Choose from an extensive range of packages to suit you and even tailor them further, or simply start from scratch with your own unqiue plan, you choose!

Discounted rates. Both with your training sessions and in store.

Book directly with Home Fitness World and receive a 10% discount on your training session or package. Not only that, receive a further 10% off EVERYTHING in our store once you've booked up!

Finally, get ready for the spotlight!

Since we are genuinely passionate about fitness, we wanted to offer an extra incentive to our best performing trainers and their clients. To keep you motivated and training hard! Each month we will showcase the most improved clients and reward them with FREE vouchers to spend online or FREE further online training sessions with that same PT! On us!

frequently asked questions.

Why should I use a Personal Trainer?
The benefits really are endless. Have you ever found yourself working tirelessly for a long time, only to find your heading in the wrong direction or seeing no results?

A PT will make sure this doesn't happen. They will keep you on track, motivate you, hold you accountable, improve your knowledge, keep your workouts fresh and exciting. Above all else they can drastically increase the effectiveness of your training sessions. Which means? Rapidly improved results in a shorter period of time. 

Results? New found confidence and new healthier you!
Why use Personal Trainer Hub?
Simply put, you wouldn't buy a new house or car without doing your research and wanting to compare as many as possible before making your choice? Why should choosing a Personal Trainer be any different? 

You are trusting this person with your health, wellbeing and fitness levels. We feel that's a big responsibility. Why not put that trust in someone your sure of? 
How does the Personal Trainer Hub work?
Very simply. No more waiting for Personal Trainers to get back to you to make sure if your the right fit or to analyse your details. You do the research on them, in minutes!

Log on, compare key credentials and attributes in minutes! Including full libraries of their training videos and images as well as get a feel for what type of person an trainer they are, all in one place!
Will this cost me any more money?
In a word, no. That's the beauty of it! You get to compare hundreds of PT's at a glance at no extra cost to you. Not only that, you receive a 10% discount for your first session if you book through Home Fitness World. Did we mention you also get an additional 10% off EVERYTHING in our store? Sounds ok right? We are passionate about fitness here, and passionate about getting people fit. So here's to a happier healthier you!
Can I use the Personal Trainer for the gym?
We designed the Hub for you to use your Personal Trainer for home workouts, or the gym, it matters not. We are all about fitness and what works best for each individual. We have the set the Hub up so you can compare 1:1 trainers with gym access, as well as online trainers where you can use their training programmes in the gym or at home, or both. Fitness is about finding what works best for you.
Can I get in touch directly with my PT?
Absolutely. We realise that no matter how much information is available for your PT, or how many training videos we can show you, you may want the chance to contact them directly. Whether that's email or by phone. So we have placed each PT's contact details on each individuals page where can access them easily.

More questions?
We'd love to hear from you!

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