How your fitness is delivered is a choice. Compare both options side by side to get a fit that's right for you.

Find a fitness delivery that suits your unique preferences and circumstances.  HFW can help you find a fitness combination, to unlock your full fitness potential.

All that's left for you to do, is train. 
Compare 1:1 Online Personal Training, compare Online Group Classes. 
But which one is right for me? We can help you choose.
Group classes or 1:1 training?

Both offer a vast array of benefits that come from either form of fitness delivery. It's a choice that only you can make. That said, we'll guide you through some of the main benefits for each, in the hope we can make your decision easier. 

If you’re still unsure you can drop us a message here at HFW, and we'll run through all of your options, including the fitness targets you've set out for yourself, lifestyle, current fitness levels, and much more.

 Alternatively you may like to discuss your options with one of our trainers to help you decide. Lastly, if you're still unsure of where to start, feel free to try out both. See what fits best for you. 
Now Compare both 1:1 Personal Training as well as all the latest Group Fitness classes from around the UK.
 Connect with trainers and fitness services anywhere in the UK. No longer are you restricted to training options due to your location. Simply browse through the best trainers and fitness services from up and down the UK. 

Book it all instantly from one place!
Now you can conveniently browse through all your favourite choice in fitness classes, by all the UK’s top trainers. Maybe you have a particular style of fitness you enjoy, or specific type of group class you can't do without? Simply select from one of the many fitness categories we have listed. 
Now we’ve conveniently listed all the class times and length of your favourite classes. So you can easily plan your training around your busy lifestyle.

You gain access to all the latest prices, best deals and up to date offers, to keep you completely informed and on track with the most competitive prices. 
Choose easily with our dedicated sections allowing you to preview your instructors group training sessions. What better way to gain insight into finding a class and instructor you know will bring out the best in your fitness levels. 

 You'll be able to watch short previews of group classes for each trainer/instructor to help you make your choice. Even, take part in FREE live classes or upload full training sessions from your potential instructor. This will allow you to get a feel for how you respond to their training style. 
We clearly outline each group session, so you can decide with ease which class is the right fit for you.

 We’ll outline the basis for each group session, as well as make suggestions for who it may be suited for in terms of fitness targets and current fitness levels. We even have a handy colour guide for each class, to easily identify whether they're aimed at beginner, intermediate or expert, as well the intensity level of the class.
Main Benefits
Feel connected and part of a group
Experience that gym buzz and energy right from home!
Group classes to cater for any fitness preference and target.
The power of motivation from your trainer and other group members.
Lower entry cost.
Monthly memberships or block bookings available as a convenient way to pay.
You can link up live with your chosen instructor, be part of an exciting group session. If live isn't your thing, you can select to download or access fitness classes on demand and do it on your own time.
Classes for any fitness goal.

With group classes to cover every imaginable area of fitness, from strength training to high intensity combat classes, you can find something that caters for your chosen fitness goals.
Feel that buzz and energy!

Some people prefer training in a group to feel the energy and buzz you only get from training next to fellow fitness enthusiasts. And with your instructor ramping the level up a notch, you get the ultimate group session experience. Motivation will never be higher with your live class atmosphere and choice in music, to really get you pumped up and energised to take on any the class! 
Fitness has never been more accessible.
The costs can be considerably lower than 1:1 Personal Training sessions. So clearly a more accessible way to get into fitness. And with more options like class by class basis, block bookings or monthly memberships, it’s easier than ever to get started. 
Main Benefits
A greater and more personal element of encouragement & motivation offered
Personal attention with each workout
Results and feedback given via regular scheduled check-ins from your trainer
Nutrition plans normally included(80% of your results)
Introduction to new exercises and workouts
Finely tailored fitness plans for your own unqiue fitness goals
Suited to people who need continually pushed each workout
Link up live with your fitness trainer for each workout. Your trainer will inspire and motivate you to train, monitor results, teach you new workouts and exercises, and a host of additional benefits, to create a more personal fitness experience.
Personal Motivation
Clients often don’t realise, however, motivation is one of the key reasons people fail to achieve their fitness targets. Lack of motivation leads to inconsistency in their training, low energy levels, poor nutrition,  and many other missed opportunities for improved fitness levels. It's a vicious cycle. The above leads to even more gaps in your training, and eventually, complete failure!

With a personal trainer by your side you're offered regular encouragement, motivation when you need it, words of encouragement with each workout. Someone to hold you accountable for missed sessions or poor performance. These are massive when it comes to your final results. 
80% of your results come from the kitchen! That’s a pretty staggering statistic. If you get your nutrition on point, it gives you more energy for your workouts, speeds up results, enhances muscle growth, aids in weight loss and recovery significantly.

Most 1:1 packages come with nutrition built in. Be sure to check your trainers profile to confirm if this is included or not. Your nutrition can either undo all your sweat and tears at the gym, or dramatically enhance your fitness progress and results. You get to decide.
Tailored Fitness Plans
With a more personal 1:1 workout plan aimed at your own individual training needs, your trainer gets to really focus on any problem areas, fitness targets you've set for yourself. It offers a much more bespoke fitness experience. 

 Throughout the course of your plan, your trainer also has the ability to continually fine-tune your workouts and general direction of your fitness journey. Via constant monitoring of your progress and continual feedback through weekly or fortnightly sessions, you can stay bang on track with your final fitness targets!
Let's get personal!
Group fitness classes are a great way to keep fit, but sometimes lack that more personal approach. 

Some people respond better to that personal attention with each training session, guidance through workouts and exercises. They can push you through your paces, fine tune your training sessions, pull you through plateaus and much much more. This will lead to greater results in a much shorter period of time. 
Prefer being continually pushed?
If you need continually motivated and driven forward with your fitness, each and every workout, exercise and every rep, look not further! 1:1 training is the one for you. 

 With 1:1 personal fitness training our instructors are taught how to get the very most from you, consistently, week after week, workout after workout! When you feel like working out, or whether you don’t, our trainers are there to motivate and inspire!

 It adds up to make a huge shift when it comes to results! Select an expert trainer to have in your corner every step of the way. 
Results and progress.
There’s something about having your results being consistently fed back to you. It can give that much needed pep talk with yourself, or allows you to identify just how far you’ve come, it can fire you up, build momentum, create confidence to propel you forward on your fitness journey.

The ability to continually adjust your targets and step back from your fitness, to allow you to make those incremental yet significant adjustments to keep you on course.

 Whether it’s a shake up in your workout plan, the introduction of new exercises, to push harder, the feedback from your results allows you to keep everything on track and results to come in faster than ever!
Find yourperfect fitness class!
Now HFW has made it easier than ever to compare all the top trainers and fitness services.

Now you can watch clips of their latest classes to gain insight into how they train and how you feel about their classes. Some of our trainers even offer free taster sessions to take part in to help you decide if you would like to sign up. 

All the latest fitness classes available from best instructors around the UK. 

We've split these into workout categories for your convenience.
Class timetables as well as length of each class clearly displayed. So you can plan your training sessions around your busy lifestyle.
We give you a brief description of each class so you can choose the service that best fits your workout needs.

All the latest prices, offers and deals for your classes. Including block and monthly booking options for each fitness class.
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