Increase your chances of success right from the start. 

"If you know from whence you came, there are obsolutely no limitations from where you can go."

James Baldwin.

fitness valuations done right alters your whole trajectory.

Enhance your results and set yourself up for success from the start.

Just by completing our detailed initial fitness valuation and lifestyle questionnaire, your setting yourself up for success. Done wrong, you're setting off on the wrong course with the wrong program, and poor to little results. Done correctly however, we send you off on your fitness journey in exactly the right direction drastically increasing your results.

Once we've achieved this first step accurately your training will really take off and provide you with tangible results right from the very start, giving you confidence and momentum which will carry through your program. This will allow you to achieve all your desired fitness goals.

A good fitness evaluation is like boosting your chances of success by 1000%!

Let's break down how.
What we'll identify and how it will change the whole trajectory of your fitness plan.
Daily Habits Matter.

So you can create new and healthy lifestyle choices and habits, first we need to identify your daily habits. Good and bad, we need acknowledge them and either build on them or cut them out. This is a massively overlooked missed step in making sure you achieve your fitness goals.

Our lifestyle questionnaire will be sent out along with your food journal to let us, and you, identify potential pitfalls and necessary changes we need to make.

80% of results take place in the kitchen.

Trainers and fitness companies set up fitness plans before they've even learned about their clients diet. Why? This accounts for up a staggering 80% of your results. This is why we make this a priority. So first, we need to identify your eating habits, good and bad. How do we do this?

Before we've even looked at your fitness we'll ask you to complete a simple yet extremely effective food journal. What this will do is let us, and you, identify your pitfalls right from the start, and get you thinking about what your eating. 

Through the journal we're able to establish your eating patterns, your food preferences to tailor your meal plan around, replace any unhealthy snacking with delicious alternatives. Your new nutrition plan will give you energy, speed up your results exponentially, and make you feel great about yourself. And it all starts with a simple food journal.

Your Lifestyle Affects Your Workouts, your meal plan and your rest periods.

Identifying the type of lifestyle you lead, in terms of how active you are, your movements through the day, how often you rest, are you sitting for long periods, do you have time to sit down for healthy set meals, do you have time to prepare them, do you have time to prepare for you workout and rest after. These all affect the nutrition plan we give you and how we tailor your workouts and rest days. Without identifying this clearly we cannot create such a bespoke fitness plan giving you the best possible chance to conquer your fitness targets. 

We need to know where you've came from as well as where your heading.

If we can establish what previous experience you've had with fitness, or none at all, this allows us to carefully engineer your tailored plan around exercises and a fitness program that is right for you. 

You don't necessarily have to have any at all, however, we do want to know your confidence levels, exercises we can introduce you to, how hard we can push you from the start. We identify you current fitness levels, height weight, body shape, BMI (if known), areas of fitness you have covered as well as equipment (if any) you have used. 

By doing this we really can offer you the most accurate and tailored plan allowing you to achieve exponential results from your training, right from the start.
No slow starts here.

Finding out about you, so we can optimize your fitness plan, for the highest possible results.

Personal Trainer's and companies sometimes underestimate the importance of how vital it is laying the foundations for a client. By getting this right, this will allow you the best possible chance of success, achieving your desired fitness goals. 

What do we mean by this? A well thought out and rigorous fitness evaluation allows our trainer's to gain an understanding of where you're coming from, just as important if not more so, to where you're heading. Without asking the right questions and finding out about you, we can't set up a fully accurate and bespoke fitness plan. Getting this accurate you set yourself up to smash all your fitness goals set out. If we don't learn about you, you set yourself up for failure from the start.

It would be like building your dream home without taking the care to research your foundations or plans. Sound reasonable? We think so too.

We gain an accurate picture of your lifestyle, fitness background(if any), height & weight, training preferences, diet, whether your active through the day or your job keeps you fairly immobile, and many many more areas we get to know about you. All of these small, yet absolutely critical details, allow us to piece together a more bespoke training plan individual to you. Ultimately, this sets you up for success.


Once we've learned about you so we can set up your perfect tailored fitness plan, it doesn't stop there. We're just getting started.

Learn the all important steps involved with how we we create a fitness plan that fits you just right, and how the delivery is just as important in setting you up for nothing but success.