Our fitness evaluations set you up with the best possible chance of success with your clients.
Our in-depth fitness evaluations mean you and your client get off to the best possible start.
We do our fitness evaluations right. We take our time when finding out about our customers, that way, you can set your clients up with exactly the right fitness plan, and achieve the results we all want for them.
"If you know whence you came, there are absolutely no limitations to where you can go"
James Baldwin
We start off by finding out as much as we can about them. From previous fitness experience, current fitness levels, fitness preferences, equipment they have access to, where and how they would like to train, fitness goals, and much much more.
Nutrition is key.
We then move on to find out about their nutrition and eating habits. We both know a massive part of fitness is done in the kitchen, so why not find out about their eating habits and food preferences. 

We send out 1 week food journal and nutrition questionnaire designed by our nutritionist specialists, so we can pick a meal plan that first they enjoy and will therefore be more likely to stick to, secondly to match the right meal plan dependent on how active they are, and their fitness targets they want to set for themselves.
Finding out about our clients lifestyle changes how they would approach diet and fitness.
Our lifestyle questionnaire will finalise our fitness evaluation process. We do this because we feel it’s equally as important when setting up their training schedules and meal plans. 

If they work out hard in the gym but then have a fairly inactive lifestyle, we take this into account, we can potentially increase their workout program with the option of longer rest periods for them, and their food intake might be less calories due to the inactivity. Likewise if they lead a hectic life, have no time for rest, and juggle kids, full time work and everything in between, we need to take into consideration they may not have the same energy levels or may have time constraints etc.
It all adds up to give our clients the best possible chance of success.
You can see how this all stacks up. How vitally important it is to get this just right. Without it, we set a fitness and meal plan that doesn’t accurately match their fitness goals and own unique circumstances. We set everything up for you to give your clients the best possible chance of success. Make it a little easier to design their perfect fitness plan and spawn results they could only dream of. 
Example Fitness & Lifestyle Questionnaire
Example 1 Week Food Journal