Customers FAQ - Adjustable Dumbbells

Q. How do I adjust the weight?
A. Just line up the dial/gauge to the required weight and lift. The selected weight will immediately be available to you.

Q. Do they come as a pair?
A. Yes. Our company is passionate about fitness and never understood why anyone would want to buy just 'one'. You need two for a lot of different exercises.

Q. How do I know what exercises to do?
A. When I first started learning fitness I learned everything online and in particular through YouTube. Every exercise in the gym you can do with dumbbells with a little creativity and knowledge.

Q. Will I need many different weighted dumbbells? 
A. No. You will receive a pair of dumbbells that will allow you to vary your weight from 2.5kg/5kg all the way up to 24kg/40kg allowing you to pick the perfect weight for any exercise.