Fitness plans designed around you.

Come and take a look at our custom designed plans that will fit into any lifestyle.


Our plans take into account each person is unique, as well as their lifestyle, personality, training preferences and fitness goals.


Change your fitness plan at any time. If you're hitting plateaus, losing interest, not seeing results, unhappy with your workouts, or simply fancy a change, our trainers will be on hand to design a new fitness plan for you at anytime. We want to keep your interest, enthusiasm, and therefore results high. 


This crucially overlooked factor is one of the the main contributing influences as why people never reach their full fitness potential. We've designed plans to combat this.

Our fitness plans taken into account people's busy lifestyles. We offer short intense plans, tasters, monthly plans, plans done by a period of your choice. These all affect the workout frequency and time spent on each workout so we make sure you never miss a workout and smash your fitness targets regardless of your busy lifestyle.

fully customizable.

It's your body, your lifestyle, and your fitness plan. Gain access to our completely customizable plans.

From set nutrition plans to keep costs down, to frequency of contact with your trainer, to how frequently you want your workouts changed, you design your plan around you, and your training preferences and lifestyle. We have a plan to accomidate any circumstance imaginable, without comprimising your results.

Plans for any budget.

From elite intense plans to monthly budget plans. We have fitness plans to suit any wallet all allowing you to achieve exponential results. You can choose from paying monthly, even our larger premium fitness plans allow you to pay up the cost in monthly installments for a more convenient payment method. 
Our plans have been specifically designed our people's lifestyles and circumstances. From no time to workout, to getting fit for deadline target dates. We have you covered. 

It's your training program so we make sure we give you choice. 

Plenty of it.

The choice to make it enjoyable.

Whether it's how you want to be contacted, the style of training you enjoy, the length and frequency of workouts, to use equipment or not, train at the gym or at home, meals you like or don't, we'll give you choice.

Although our primary focus is to get you results, we understand the importance of making the experience as enjoyable as possible. We know without this you are more likely to become uninterested or will lack enthusiasm and effort. We need you to work hard and remain disciplined with your program, but it's essential for you to look at, and approach your workouts, with a sense of vigour and passion. Without this you simply won't be fully invested in your workouts and the intesity will deminish drastically. So we'll make sure your completely happy and offer you plenty of options for every aspect of your program, from how your contacted to choice of workouts.

Happier you = More energised & enthusiastic you = Harder working and more disciplined you = desired results.

It's the little details trainer's and companies miss. We don't.

"If we don't change we don't grow, if we don't grow we aren't really living."
Gayle Sheehy.


If your not completely satisfied with your results or enjoyment, no problem, change it. We want you to be completely happy with the results you're seeing as well as how much your enjoying your workouts. 

Remember however, the more hard-work you put in, and sacrifice a little pain, you will see substantial results. It's a worthy trade off I think you'll agree. We'll give you the knowledge and expertise from all the top trainers up and down the country, you will see vastly improved results in a much shorter period of time. Sound good? We thought so.

Change is natural & Healthy.

Its keeps us interested and keeps your body guessing, which in turn promotes faster results, whether it be your fitness levels, strength gains or body transformation. Your training quickly plateaus if you stick to the same type of training month after month. In order to shock your body and keep improving we need to embrace change and new workout programs.

Your trainer will tell you exactly when this needs to be changed and when is the right time for this. However, should you feel your ready for a new workout program or even new exercises thrown in to keep you interested and results high. our trainers are on hand to do exactly that. In turn this keeps results and progress at an optimal level.


A key factor as to why people don't reach their fitness potential. We've designed fitness plans with this in mind. You still get the results you want, regardless of time constraints.
 Why is time so important when it comes to your fitness and workouts?

Sadly fitness coaches forget one crucially important factor when trying to get people into shape. Time. We can't neglect this essentially important piece of the puzzle. People fail to reach their targets, not through lack of motivation or determination, but lack of time and energy to stick with their workout program. Not realising if they could only see it through, your increased fitness levels and confidence through your results, actually increase energy levels naturally, and also seemingly allowing more time for everything else in those busy hectic days.

Until then however, we've designed fitness programs around this crucially neglected factor. 

Busy lifestyle? That's ok. We've anticipated this.

That's why we've taken the care and attention to design plans to adapt to your busy lifestyle, so time, no longer gets in the way of achieving your fitness goals.

How do we do this?

Our fitness plans can be done over any period to fit your lifestyle. From short 12 week intense plans for people with deadline target dates or who want immediate results and have more time over certain periods, to plans that are monthly to allow people to develop routine and find their rhythm. Through manipulating intensity levels of our workouts, to frequency each week, to people who have short periods each day, our plans can be moulded around your lifestyle, circumstances and training preferences. So we make sure you get the results your looking for regardless of time constraints.

Another massively overlooked key component in your fitness journey.....

Fitness Evaluations, Done right.

Why does is learning about you so vitally important before you start your fitness journey?