A giant leap forward for online  fitness training.
3 Great services, to make choosing your fitness trainer and plan, simpler.
Now you get to try, before you buy!
2 Great new services. 2 or week short-term trial your trainer options, and now also also FREE taster sessions for each trainer.

Both aimed at allowing you to find exactly the right fit for you, before you commit to a long-term contract.
Instant Messaging for questions and enquiries!
We like to make the process of finding your perfect fitness combination as easy and effortless as possible. Now with our instant messaging service, you can ask questions about plans, injuries, training packages, or to simply get a feel for your trainer before committing.
Instant Booking Service.
Simply click, and pick!
Now you get to organise all your fitness in one convenient transaction. Compare the best trainers and fitness services, find the one you want, and book it all through HFW. 

Fitness made easy.
Now 2 great new opportunities to try out your potential trainer!
Option 1
2 or 4 Week trail your trainer
Before you commit to a long-term training plan, or even just to help you decide which trainer is right for you. Whatever your reasons, now you get a little taster.
Find a trainer you really like, but still unsure before you commit to a long-term contract.
Go to your trainers unique profile page. Head towards a range of options for booking.
Check out all the easily recognizable colour co-ordinated booking options and select 'Trial my trainer'.
With a shorter period of between 2-4 weeks, you have the opportunity to see if they are the right fit for your fitness needs. Perfect for getting ti know them before committing to a longer term with them.
Option 2
FREE Taster Session with your trainer
Even if your booking short-term, or session by session with your trainer. You may just want to get a feel for how they train you. Now you get a chance to do exactly that!
Find any trainers you may see as a candidate for your perfect trainer, but still unsure which one, or how your respond to their training.
Go to your trainers unique profile page. Head towards a range of options for booking.
Check out all the easily recognizable colour co-ordinated booking options and select 'Book my free session'.
It should never be one size fits all when it comes to personal training. That's why we give you an amazing opportunity to test as many trainers as you want before you find that perfect match!
Fitness made simple.
Instant access to all the best trainers in the UK.
Instant messaging to your chosen trainer from one place.
Instant booking through HFW.
No more waiting for the right trainer to come to you.

Click & Book
Find your trainer
Find a fitness plan to suit you
A tap, and your all booked up and ready to train!

Well informed
Pricing clearly marked for all packages & plans.
All your trainers services and availibility.
Latest offers & promotions saving you time and money.

Book direct for 10% off
Receive 10% off all listed training sessions and packages when you book direct through HFW.
10% off all items in our online sports store after booking.
We save  you time and money, so all your left to do, is train!
Any questions you may have simply click the message my trainer options to instantly connect!

Find out more about your trainer before you commit to them. Questions on training plans, injuries or concerns, or simply to get an understanding of whether they are the right fit for you.

Now you really are in control of your fitness!
All your trainers details are just a click away.
Contact details     
Social media links
Website links        
Social proof is key these days. Check them out, follow their training and progress as well as client feedback.
Instantly message your trainer.
Life is so much easier when you don't have to wait. No more waiting around for the right trainer to come to you.

Try our instant messaging service.

Now you can tap a button to inform your trainer of your interest, ask them questions on fitness plans, pricing, nutrition, advice, and anything in between.

  Simply get in touch with your trainer directly through our instant messaging service, or book direct through HFW for 10% off all bookings. The choice is yours. 

 Take the hassle away from booking with our seamless process.
All our great services coming to you soon.
We aim to make fitness as simple, and accessible, as we possibly can for people.

With our current comparison fitness service and convenient online shop in one place, we're looking forward to improving what we can offer.

Any questions at all with our current or upcoming services, we'd love to hear from you. In the meantime, why not check out our superb Personal Trainer and Fitness Service comparison site, to find a training fit for you.