Accountability & Measurability.

What do we even mean? And why are they important for achieving high fitness levels?


 What is it and why does it matter?

We don't like to think of accountability as being held accountable from anyone other than yourself. In an ideal world you do that for yourself anyway. But do you? 

 Most people stray from their fitness paths or targets set through lack of this very crucial and overlooked little gem. If there is no one there to keep you on track, it's all too easy to give into all those nasty temptations out there. One skipped workout won't matter, one chocolate bar, one big night out, one half training session because I feel tired. The very worst thing is, you can't even see it! It's so subtle.

What does it all mean and how does it effect my fitness results?
The Compound Effect.
Accountability allows you to instill positive habit loops by making the right choices repeatedly.

Those subtle yet toxic missed sessions or unhealthy meals have a ripple effect like you wouldn't believe. They filter down into every subsequent decision to do with fitness, or making that all important 'right choice', the next time you are faced with one. You give your brain the green light to do it again and again, and again! It creates a habit loop for your brain in that there is an instant reward at the end of that missed session or delicious takeaway. But what about the long term? Where do these choices lead you? 

This is what we mean by the compound effect. These little seemingly insignificant trips add up over time, and lead to little to no results.
Accountability & measurability could be the critical missed components to 'unlock' your full potential in fitness.

Realising up until now that one or two missing and crucial elements have been missed can unlock your success in fitness.

Is this what you've been missing?


So how does accountability help you achieve your fitness goals? 

Just by having someone there helps you to hold yourself accountable. Do you have that missed session, do you have that night out, do you have that little unhealthy snack, just this once? Ok I could, but this will show with both my trainer and on my app with my measurements and results. Our trainer's and app will keep things measurable and you on track.

Accountability holds you firmly in place. 

It gives you the sense of purpose, structure. It's the difference between sticking to your tailor designed training program and not. It builds momentum and confidence in yourself by showing you clear results if you do not stray that one time you think it's ok to do so. Accountability can set of that positive habit loop just by itself. It's that little overlooked crucial ingredient you missed the last time you tried. It's the difference,  between success and failure.

"It's the little things done consistantly well that will get you the results."

Attention to detail changes everything.

It's just a weekly check-in. Is it not? The app's a gimmick. Isn't it?

Let both your trainer & app show you the way.

By having your own personalised app and trainer by your side, there really is no escaping all those stumbles and trips. Trust us when we say, that's a good thing, really good. A crucial step in the process to achieving your fitness targets and reaching heights you previously thought you were never capable of.


Your trainer will make sure to touch bass with you every single week. They will do this though choice of video call or over the phone depending on what you prefer. More importantly, they will go over you're progress, your workouts, your enjoyment, how you're feeling about everything, things that could be changed. They'll fine tune and make a tweak here or there. Which will keep you on track. It will also give you accountability & measurability. So you know yourself if you have put in the work and remained disciplined, or not. Ultimately that will change the trajectory of your results.

Find out more about your fitness app and all the great benefits.

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