Our Story

Being passionate about fitness myself I realised how much pressure is put on people to go to the gym in order to keep fit. You must do this exercise, you must attend this class, you must train this many times a week.....you must, you must, you must! Kinda takes the enjoyment away from fitness don't you think? 

Why should you be brainwashed into thinking the perfect level of fitness and physique "must" be attained at the gym? We disagree!

This is why we started "Home Fitness World". Allowing you to easily create your perfect fitness platform, right in the comfort of your own home! Exciting right? We think so. No more inner turmoil about whether you should go, no more booking classes, no more finding the time or getting kids looked after, and no more grunting people or waits at the machine you need! All gone, as soon as you start to plan your new fitness lifestyle in the safety and comfort of your own home. Awesome right?

Take the rules and must do's away from your association with fitness! Replace it with, my body, my mind, my rules and my new "enjoyable" fitness lifestyle! Create freedom and flexibility around your schedule and your needs, and more importantly, with something you like to do! Why should you be forced into doing this class or that exercise. Lets face it, if you don't enjoy it, you sure ain't gonna maintain it! 

Pick a realistic fitness target of how many times you would like to keep fit. For example 3 times a week. So I may do 1 yoga class, 1 high intensity class, 1 dumbbell or kettlebell functional fitness session. Then any time you have a spare 10 mins or half an hour, go for it! But above all, make sure you enjoy it! If you just like yoga, that's ok! If your a weights junkie, do it all in your own home and improve your knowledge of exercises! Easy right!? Stick to what you love! That way you will stick to your new healthier fitness lifestyle!

We will help you set up your perfect home fitness studio tailored to your needs at very affordable prices. Just pop over an email and we can guide you through the equipment you may need to suit your training goals and style. And the rest is history! Let us help you fall in love with fitness! No more pressure, no more dread, no more feeling uncomfortable! Your fitness, your home, YOUR RULES!

From everyone here at Home Fitness World thank you, and we hope you all stay fit and healthy!