For an intense 12 week training program that will put you to the test resulting in exponential increases in strength and improved physique.
This will be a 12 week intense strength improvement plan. Due to a larger amount of training sessions compounded into each week you will need your diet as well as your rest periods to be on point. The workouts will push you to your limits and will be solely focused on low reps and high weights aimed at a rapid increase in strength over a short period. 

As your strength increases and your weight and personal bests are surpassed, you will feel a full more well rounded stronger physique. 

Strength can be conveyed in several different areas as such as core morements, full body movements or single mechanics movements. This could be explosive movements or brute strength. Whatever your objectives our coaches will devise tailored intense plans to blow all your targets out the water!

Your 12 week plan inclusion checklist.

We'll tell you exactly what's included with each plan so you can see if it's suitable for your fitness goals and lifestyle.
24/7 Access To Your Trainer
Access to your trainer when you want them, either through your fitness app or by text or phone call.
Your Very Own Fitness App
Keep up to date with your workouts, progress and results, as well as access to an extensive
Monthly, fortnightly or weekly check-ins to keep you bang on track!
Your trainer will check in with you to go over progress, workouts, enjoyment, to make sure your on track for maximum results.
Plans designed around you.
Plans tailored around your current fitness levels, training preferences, including gym or at home, equipment or not.
Tailored around your lifestyle.
We tailor our plans around how much time you have for your workouts, frequency/ability when to train, length of programs and how much rest time you have.
You decide the level of contact and how.
Through messaging, email, phone call or video call, you decide how you would like to be contacted and when. We also offer monthly, fortnightly and even weekly check-ins.
Unlocks the key to your fitness plans success.
Food Journal.
Right from the start we are figuring out your eating preferences, good and bad habits to we can fine tune your diet for optimal results.
Set meal plans or tailored plans. 
You can either decide from a number of food plans available made by our top nutritionists or tailor your own. All designed around your fitness targets and eating preferences.
All plans done by top nutritionists.
No matter what plan you decide to go for, our top nutritionists have are standing by to develop a meal plan that gives you every chance of success in your fitnesss transformation.
Personal Training at a fraction of the cost.
Your online fitness plan carries all the great benefits from personal training with great added advantages like 1/3 of the cost.
Flexibility & Convenience.
It's your fitness plan, you train on your terms. Including the choice fitting your training time around your busy lifestyle, at home, at the gym or on the go!
Access when you need it.
Access to your trainer, training plan, excercises tutorials, results and progress when you want them, either through your fitness app or by text or phone call.
12 Week Rapid Increase In Strength
Over the 12 week period of intense training you will see an exponential growth in strength, whether in specific target areas or overall. Expect rapid results over this period.
Smash Previous Targets Set!
Guaranteed to smash any previous PB's and targets set in all areas and movements.
Fell stronger for a more complete phsyqiue and fitness levels.
Maximum results in the shortest period possible done through increased intensity levels & workouts.
"The best time for new beginnings is now."

Make a decision that will change your life.

Book now and let one of our expert trainers transform your strength in only 12 weeks.

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