For an intense 12 week training program that will put you to the test resulting in exponential changes to your physique.
This plan is specifically designed for people serious about transforming their physique over the shortest period possible. Done through a shorter very intense training program tailor made to get you almost instantaneous results. 

These are hard work with a lot of strain on the body and muscles. You will need your diet to be on point and have the ability to rest where required as your energy levels may dip due to the intensity on the body. However, these plans will allow you to achieve maximum results over a very short period of time. 

Ideal for those with more time on their hands to rest and train hard, and for people looking to achieve life changing physiques for an intended target date.

Your 12 week plan inclusion checklist.

We'll tell you exactly what's included with each plan so you can see if it's suitable for your fitness goals and lifestyle.
Increased workout effectiveness and results through our expert trainers.
Access to fitness app to monitor your continued progress, tangible results viewed on your app and account
Access to our online forum through your app to exchange fitness tips and motivate one another.
Check-ins done weekly with your trainer to closely monitor and fine tune your training plan, exercises, maximize effectiveness of each exercise and analyze your results. 
Exercises chosen specifically to target weak or problem areas to bring up your physique. 
Maximum results in the shortest period possible done through increased intensity levels & workouts.
Nutrition taken care of by experts to enhance your body shape and help you cope with the intense period of exercise.
Continually developed workout plans to adapt to your changing physique. 
workout plans to incorporate 5 days of demanding workouts to increase your progress.
Body progress valuation through images if you feel comfortable, if not this can be done through your own description. This will help fine tune your program and build up weak areas 
Workout intensity levels increased through manipulation of reps, sets, tempo, rest periods and exercises chosen. 
Noticable results and changes to your physique.

Make a decision that will change your life.

Book now and let one of our expert trainers transform your physique in only 12 weeks.



Establish solid foundations and give yourself direction with our detailed fitness valuation. 

This will help us establish what level you are at, as well as allow us to tailor a specific plan for optimal results.

Access to your trainer when you need them

Full access to your Personal Trainer by phone, email, or text. This will allow you to remain in contact with your PT throughout the agreed training period allowing you to continually improve your knowledge and address any questions or concerns.

Tailored fitness plan

A tailored fitness program will be created around your training preferences and goals, as well as equipment access and training environment you use.

Training plans will be designed around your own unique training preferences, lifestyle and results from your detailed initial fitness valuation.


Your trainer will check in with you weekly to go over your progress, results, measurements, diet, training enjoyment, any issues or doubts. 

From this they can closely monitor your progress and decide whether to make any amendments or anything that needs changed your end.

change your training plan anytime

Scheduled or requested new training plans - Throughout your training plan, you will be allowed to amend or request new training plans if desired. Your trainer will also outline how frequently this will be changed depending upon the package selected.

Smartphone Application

Full access and login to your own app which will allow you and your trainer to track your progress, update training programs, access video tutorials, leave messages and much much more.


After establishing your eating habits and preferences from your 2 week food journal, our expert nutritionists will put together a tasty and nutritious meal plan for you to follow. 

Not only will be eating healthier, leading to increased energy for life and your workouts, you will be feeling altogether healthier and better about yourself everyday. 

You will be able to enjoy delicious meals set out for you daily taking the uncertainty and guesswork away from what you can and can't eat, so you are left to focus on your training and fitness goals.

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